Friday, May 24 and Saturday, May 25, 2013 – More progress than we expected to see today in Afghanistan

We are following up on previous schools that we built to ensure that they are being maintained and that we are not overlooking the on-going needs due to increased enrollment and other challenges.

Today we were pleasantly surprised to visit Maulana School that received 4 classrooms from us and a lab and library this year.  What was really inspiring was how the parents and teachers are working together to keep the school looking so good. They had made sidewalks and planted so many trees that the school looks like it is in a park.

Children sing to greet us dressed in their ethnic outfits


School yard nicely landscaped and clean. We called to tell them of our visit only 30 minutes before we arrived.


Azalea opens lab and library at this school with vice-principal


There are still students in 7 tents and they need classrooms. Many of them sit on the ground with no furniture


We were invited to the Education Ministry office for lunch.  They are very cooperative by giving us good information and taking the time to go with us.  They cut through red tape to get us information and provide a lot of support.  We often avoid lunches for many reasons but the hospitality of Afghans cannot be beaten. So here we are doing our best. I am eating one rice grain at a time to pass time! I was tempted to pull out my bag of chips to add to the meal.


Off we went to buy groceries for a blind school that Azalea discovered on her last trip.  About 30 boys and girls live and study here.  The school is operated and  supported by the community that see no other opportunity for their children. This place needs so much help .


Being a vegetarian is a good thing in some parts of the world. 2KG of fresh cut meat was $10 – a treat for the blind school children.


We delivered the food and visited the students


We also got all of the information we need for the next school we want to build.

Thank you for the help and support.  We couldn’t do any  of it without our donors seeing the need to help Afghanistan.

A quote from Gord Bontje’s e mail today will say it all…and is of great encouragement.

“…While the rest of world is wondering if Afghanistan can be saved, you’re busy building the people who will create a new order.” Bontje