Friday, May 3, 2013 – Trip to Male and Segera Mission

Three more guests have joined us from Ontario now.  Helga and Mandy Bairos and Mary Lou Figueiredo.  They left for Nakuru and I will join them on Tuesday.  Ed Morris has also joined us for a few days.  He has been here for over a month managing  projects.  He has been making a lot of progress.

Today, we made it to the Male area to see the progress there.  Next  week, the Olds college Agriculture team will be here  so we are here arranging their visit.

In Male, the water system is working very well.  People are paying for water and a former student of the Male school is operating the Kiosk.

Gardens are also growing because of water.


Water System: Solar Panel to the right



Sale of water. Blue pipes are purified for drinking. Red is for all other use



This lady is pushing 75 litres of water. I could hardly move this wheel barrow!




Gardens in place for Olds Team to give guidance





Even a flower garden in front of the computer lab. Solar Panels are installed and wring is done



Segera Mission Water Tank has been installed. 24,000 Litres



Materials have arrived for the 3 classroom school construction at Segera. Ed Morris is at work gathering information for Rick Wiebe, area project manager



Since Ed and Cameron are here for the first time, we decided to stay at the Sweet Waters tented camp.  We are not disappointed.  As we entered the park, we saw elephants, rhinos, lions and plenty of other animals.  Last night as I was about to sleep I heard some noises outside of my tent.  I opened the flap to find 15 elephants including some babies.  I was about 20 feet from them.



This morning Cameron went on a game drive and was charged by a rhino.  They were too close to the baby Rhino.

As I finish this blog now, Saturday afternoon I am seeing this scene with Mt. Kenya in the backdrop and the animals coming for a drink.


Tomorrow, we plan to go to Nakuru from here to see the new orphanage site for St. Ann’s and then make it back to Nairobi to meet the Olds Team arriving at 8 PM.