Friday, November 14, 2014 – Travel day to Mara

Today we were on dusty and rough roads and made it to the Sopa area of the Mara where we will operate two clinics.  This is a new area for A Better World.  We are holding our first clinic and we are adding two rooms to the existing clinic.  We stopped for a fill up at the beautiful Olarro camp for lunch.

Featured van #5
Oksana McIntyre, Pharmacist, Dr. Cathy Wright, Jacqui Chalmers, Dr. Jim McIntyre, Herbert, Driver/guide for A Better World


Our next stop was for lunch


Paden and Jacqui relax with a great view of the Mara


Finally we arrived at the Mara Sopa Lodge near our project site



Juma gave a lecture on Masai culture to better acquaint us with the people we will meet


Featuring the noisiest van, #5 with young people. Cool people to travel with says Lawrence.

Elise Nelson and Christina Williams working on Agriculture, Paden Lannen, Student and helper, Lawrence, driver/guide, Inessa McIntyre, Pharmacist.