Friday, November 15, 2013 – Ikonge and Sogobet school visits

Today was another great day of visiting projects.  We were in three groups.  Brian was in Rapogi, Charlie and Al went on to review more of the Table Banking operations and a group with me went to two schools and sat in on meetings.

We began with a visit to the Ikonge school. A new Administration block was added


Computer lab is functioning well


A new library was added


We visited a tea factory


We had a very productive water meeting with our water partner Charles Rioba (right)


Sogobet children are always welcoming and appreciative of our support


Wayne Neufeld has been in my van and is a very resourceful person.  He inspects buildings and loves to interact with local people.  I have really enjoyed having him in our van.

Carl and Laura have been working extremely hard writing stories and gathering information for our new web site.  They look for inspiring stories to share.