Friday, November 7, 2014 – The Medical team is off to a good start: 300 births a month and the local hospital has one birthing bed

Today was the first clinic and training day for the medical team.  The reports of the experiences at the evening meeting tells me that this is an incredibly dedicated team.

 We had training today as well as operated a clinic.  143 patients were seen and 30 medical officers were trained.

The training was done by Dr. Karen Hansberger (Obstetrician) from California and Dr. Charlotte Foulston (Pediatrician) from Medicine Hat are leading out. Their topic has been centered around infant and mother mortality at birth.  30 medical officers are being trained on preventing infant mortality.

Dr. Foulston ( Right) Helping babies breath is a  very popular program


Dr. Cathy Wight assisting


Dr. Karen Hansberger demonstrates post-partum hemorrhage balloons


Dr. Leonard Mbuthuia (OBYGN) and Dr. Sammy Kilanzo, CEO of Nanyuki Hospital receives some of the 50 units donated by Cook Medical.  Karen has been training nurses on this throughout the day.


Dr. Wayne Church is leading the medical team. We all miss Dr. Ray and Deryl Comeau this year.  They have prepared a great team.  Dr. Church presented participants with a certificate of training.


The clinic team took off to Segera in spite of the roadblock


The clinics in progress



McIntyre family is at work. Mom Oksana and daughter Inessa are pharmacists and dad is a physician


It was a great day