Friday, October 14, 2016 – Groups separate on their missions, reunited with Mathew

The Medical Training Team left for their work in Nakuru and Mara. I will meet them again in 4 days. The Clouten group is doing well. They do not have internet to post their blogs.

My group pictured here is traveling to Gilgil. Here is my team:

trip oct 2016

Visiting the Gilgil School. Jen with the kids:

trip oct 2016 jen

Keith Leavitt, our Education Program Director, and Terry Hager working with the principal as we get ready to launch a building program at this school:

trip oct 2016 keith terry

I was reunited with Mathew. His uncle brought him to see me at the school I was visiting.

We have made some plans to get him and his sister back onto school.

trip oct 2016 mathew

Went for an hour walk along the golf course in Naivasha

trip oct 2016