Friday, October 27, 2017 – Visiting Kigali Projects

Today we left Lake Kivu and made our way to Kigali to visit two projects managed and supported by Debra Brosseuk of Kelowna. She faithfully makes annual trips to provide oversight and work with local people to move the projects forward.

Our first stop was at the Kacyiru II Primary and Secondary School that has 1,900 students. A dining room/multipurpose building was completed.

One of Gord Bontje’s Birthday Projects.

Two of the 43 students sponsored at this school.

The Pottery project was very interesting to see and visit with the families whose children are sponsored at the school.

The process of making these huge pots and planters.

We met with Rev. Dominic who directs the school for the deaf children that we were not able to see on this trip.