Friday, October 7, 2016 – Will I find Mathew? For some, the only water found is in the culvert…

Today was a long day of driving from the Mara to Naivasha. We have a few things to look after before I head to Nairobi.

Today I met up with Jared and Rachel who are volunteering in Kenya for a year from Red Deer, Alberta. They joined me in Naivasha and they will travel with me to Nairobi.

trip oct 2016 jared rachel

Finding water can be a difficult task. For these ladies, walking for 10 KM or finding a little water in this culvert is the only option. If you look closely, this culvert under a road has a little water left. This lady is using that green jug to fill up a 20 litre tank. I pass by this village on my trips and this is the first time I have seen the desperation to find water in a culvert.

trip oct 2016 water culvert

A week ago I began a search for Mathew and his sister. These two were in the EAMO orphanage. Recently, both were placed in a relative’s home. Mathew hung around me and many Canadians who visited EAMO. He had taken a special interest in me. Lawrence our driver didn’t give up looking for him. He eventually tracked Mathew down to his school and we hope that after a lot of convincing, the relatives are bringing Mathew to a location where I will meet him and his sister after 1 ½ years. Will they show up? I guess we will find out tomorrow. (Taken in March 2015)

trip mathew eamo