Friday, September 8, 2017 – Gilgil Primary School visit with Canadian Team

We spent the entire day at the Gilgil Primary School today. Each team member was given an assignment to work on at the school. The Gilgil Primary School is one of the special projects of Gord Bontje for his 60th birthday. He provided a substantial amount to improve thousands of lives to honour the many blessings he has received. Next month, Gord with family and friends of 23 from Canada are coming to open several new projects in Kenya and Rwanda.

Brian Corkum, Calgary Architect from S2, and Lawrence Mathea, ABW project manager, inspecting buildings under construction with school staff.

One of our new nursery classrooms.

Drs. Larry and Denise Herr assessing language skills in a classroom.

Drs. Doris Hubbard, Ken Hubbard, and Suha Haffaker discussing barriers to performance and social challenges faced by the students with Evalyn, local social worker.

Julie Stegmaier, ABW Donor Relations Coordinator, and Brian inspecting financial records with school Principal Peter.

Dr. Ken Hubbard with school board chairman and Principal discussing future plans.

New administration, staff room and classroom block almost ready for painting

A very grateful school.