q Friday & Sunday, May 12 & 14 2023: Naikarra Health Centre - A Better World Canada

Friday & Sunday, May 12 & 14 2023: Naikarra Health Centre

From our home base at Enkorok Mara Camp it is a one-and-a-half-hour drive to Naikarra on a road that tests the integrity of any vehicle (only one van spring has needed to be changed so far). But our drivers have consistently delivered us to our destination without mishap. It was encouraging to arrive at Naikarra Health Centre to see the room designated for a dental clinic already signed as such.

What has been a storage area for years is now a freshly painted room ready for its new purpose. Our setup is only temporary, but we hope to soon have a permanent dental unit installed and services provided by a Community Oral Health Officer from the Narok County Health Department.

As our Triage Officer Janice has used her dental knowledge to consistently prioritize needs and her people skills to keep the crowds in check. There is always more need than we can meet.