Afghanistan Unrest and Our Schools…

Investing in children is the wisest
investment with the greatest return
in breaking the cycle of poverty

– Irving B. Harris, Philanthropist

Investments in education, health, and water help communities move
out of poverty. Your generosity is making this happen every day.


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How do we improve lives?

Our goal is to reduce poverty one community at a time. We believe that in order to do this, a holistic and equitable approach to community development is necessary. We partner with each community and local government, then assess priority areas to work on first.

Education, healthcare, and clean water work hand-in-hand to enable a community to sustainably improve their lives and their children’s lives for generations to come.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

By Investing in




This Is Our Process

Our process of community development includes everyone involved: you, international community members, local governments, and us. Before any project, our team first assesses the needs, the ability to deliver, and the willingness of the community to partner. Once the partnership is in place, we begin fundraising for the project. We continue to follow up with the project during and after implementation, ensuring the continued success through project monitoring trips as needed.

Highest value to our donors:

We communicate at every stage of the project personally and with updates on our website of the project. We ensure that 100% goes directly to the project and overhead expenses are covered by specific donations or agreements. Our pool of volunteers and skilled professionals pay for their own travel costs to monitor and serve at our project sites.  Transparency and accountability is a core value in everything we do.