Gold for Gideon: A Ndanai Success Story

When Gideon was 11 years old, he lost both his legs in a train accident. Since then, Gideon has overcome many obstacles, living an incredible life despite the difficulties.

A student and resident of Ndanai Primary School, Gideon has grown into an incredibly talented and athletic young man. When our Rehab and Physio team was in Ndanai a few months ago, they saw once again how determined Gideon is. Though he had significantly outgrown his prosthesis, he was able to get around the school grounds in a variety of different ways. Whether it be walking with the too-small prosthetic limbs, using his arms to carry himself, or driving his own wheelchair, Gideon has proved Ndanai’s motif that “disability is not inability.”

Not long ago, Gideon was able to receive new prosthesis, this time with a joint that will allow him to bend his right knee. Gideon is also the proud new owner of a wheelchair that was donated to him by The Lending Cupboard of Red Deer, AB. He is an incredible athlete, excelling in wheelchair racing. On the 9th of April, he won gold in both the 100 M and 200 M boys junior wheelchair races—first in the entire country!

Stories like Gideon’s are why we do what we do. We are constantly inspired by the people we work with.