Grateful Murindu

Murindu Highway Primary School is an exciting place to be in 2024. A new site for ABW work in 2023, the local community has thrown its support behind the school. Hundreds came out to help break ground and dig foundation trenches for the latest project: another four new classrooms.

Murindu’s student population has swelled to over 1500, meaning more space is required in addition to replacing the old, wooden and metal, dirt-floor sheds that have acted as classrooms in the past. Gilgil constituency MP Martha Wangari is an avid supporter of education and has funded several development projects in the area. She is eager to partner with ABW on new education projects, such as buying desks for new classrooms.

Last year ABW built an initial four classrooms funded by Gord and Kate Bontje, and recently completed a new school kitchen funded by the Skwarchuk family and College Heights Church in Lacombe. The Bontjes are now funding this new block of classrooms. The school also desperately needs new toilets and other assistance.

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