Jan 26 – Zoom Comments and Questions

Adam Kis to Everyone (8:07 PM)
Our society punishes changing one’s mind. Even if someone changes their mind to my point of view, I may think less of them for not adhering to my point of view in the first place or not respect them for failing to stick to their guns. How can we change this feature of our society so that it’s safe and admired to change one’s mind as a mark of good thinking?

Ian Foster to Everyone (8:08 PM)
Social media has really become something that everyone is supposed to believe—very dangerous.

Campbell Page to Everyone (8:19 PM)
I would like to suggest that some of Adam’s questions revolve around rights and responsibilities. In Indigenous world views my thinking is always based on my responsibilities to the earth, the animal world, people, my community, and my Creator. Whereas western thinking more often seems to be about I have the right to this thought no matter who agrees or disagrees. What if our thinking was based more on our responsibilities to one another than our rights to our individualism.

Ian Foster to Everyone (8:26 PM)
The presentation has stimulated the panelists as well as the listeners to bring in great conversation. This has been a great way to stimulate our way to look at things with a broader perspective. Thank you to all.

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