July 21, 2015 – Visiting the Manda-Maweni School on Lamu Island

A little over a year ago we built a simple two classroom school on Lamu Island.  This group of people make a living by digging out quarry stones and carving it into building blocks and they sell it for 20 cents each.

These children otherwise had to walk 6KM or forgo going to school. We are seeing some incredible changes.

 Rick Wiebe, my brother and I arrived in Lamu on this plane.    As always we had a fantastic 3 days on the island. 


his two room school is getting noticed.  The government came and put in an incredible solar system. They also hired 3 more teachers.

We had some money left over so we put the water tank as well.


The enrollment is now at 130 and the parents have built these classrooms.  This is how poor the people are here.


The government is building a one classroom structure for the nursery school.  This is how cement has to be unloaded.


When the cement is unloaded this is how the man carrying the cement looks like – almost like Rick


We ended the day with a sunset cruise on the dhow


If you would like to do something more here please let me know. 

Thanks again.  Eric