June 1st Zoom Questions and Comments

“Extroverts need people to refill their batteries. Introverts need solitude. Please comment on the role of personality type and loneliness.” [answered in session]

“I would like to receive the slides from the 3 presenters if possible. Thanks to all the speakers for such relevant and practical suggestions.”

From A Better World Canada: We will be sending a follow up email to all those registered containing the session recording, presentation slides, and more. If you aren’t yet registered to receive those emails, you can do so at www.abwcanada.ca/fireside. The slides will also be posted on the Fireside blog that you can find at that same link. 

“I regularly witness severe effects of loneliness visiting my great aunt in her seniors home. She suffers from severe short-term memory issues and doesn’t remember calls and visits. Can’t read books anymore. So difficult to know how to help.” [answered in session] “Read to her! Yes. Wonderful idea. She does love her robotic cat. Thank you.”

“That’s great. Thank you to all the presenters. This is very useful information.”

“Is there a role for gender? Single and married and divorced women have the same mortality risk. Whereas married men live longer than single or divorced men?” [answered in session]

“I’m interested in the brain changes related to loneliness. Can you comment on the brain changes related to children experiencing loneliness, such as losing a parent, or the pandemic? Are there permanent or developmental changes?” [answered in session]

“Thanks, this is this very interesting loneliness advice during this season covid-19, thank you all.”

From A Better World Canada: THANK YOU so much for joining us for this first season of The Fireside Dialogues. We have really enjoyed these sessions, hearing from amazing individuals, and interacting with each one of you. See you in the fall for season 2!

“Excellent evening!”

From Elise Kruithof: Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you all today.

From A Better World Canada: Thank you so much, Delicia, Elise, and Shandra for sharing your time and expertise with us tonight!