Legacy Circle Opens 9 New Projects in Kenya and Tanzania

Within the last two months, a total of nine new projects have been opened by Legacy Circle Members in Kenya and Tanzania. Several more are very near completion, as well! We opened these projects on two trips (click here to read trip blogs from September; here for October). A collection of photos from the two trips, including project openings, are featured above.


A huge thank-you to the Legacy Circle Members who have made these projects possible.

Gord and Kathy Bontje

Gilgil Primary School: 3 ECD classrooms, 6 renovated primary classrooms, and an administration building with 2 classrooms

Sekenani Primary School: New teacher housing block, 3 ECD classrooms

Sierra Contract Flooring Ltd.
Jerry Fuller, Marcel Paquin, and Conward Seymour

Tulwap Primary School: 3 new classrooms

Ndanai Primary School: 3 new classrooms

Cathy and Harold Roozen

Jitengeni Primary School: 3 classrooms and an office

Projects in Progress (1, 2)

Rick Wiebe and Family

Lodwar-Turkana Educational Centre: 2 new classrooms


There are also several projects that will be opened very soon thanks to:

Kathy and Peter Lacey

Talek Health Centre: X-Ray Room

Dale and Majella Russell

Ndanai Primary School: Grounds upkeep


Thank you, Legacy Circle, for continuing to invest in improved lives.