May 21-24, 2014 – Visiting projects in Lamu Island

After the Acro group left, our family left for Lamu to visit projects and friends.

Before I left I met with Charles Rioba our partner for water drilling and MP Joseph Limo to discuss various water projects.  Rick Wiebe was also present.


Arriving in Lamu with my family and our host Mwanashee.  A short boat ride from the airstrip


We visited the Lamu School for Mentally disabled children and supported by Gord and Kathy Bontje.  Dr. Mart Mrazik of U of A has been providing special Ed. Training and managing the project.



Jaden with children from the school – Excellent progress at the school


We also visited the newest school we are building on the Manda island. Manda –Maweni school The school was refurbished by Helga Bairos and Mary Lou Figueiredo who were on a trip a year ago. They saw the need and transformed the place. There are 126 children now.


I also did my favorite thing here – Sailing in the Indian Ocean on a Dhow