May 4 – Zoom Comments and Questions

In circumstances of an unknown pandemic where understanding comes in stages, does the law accommodate that moving understanding? In other words, a particular measure might have been considered necessary early in the pandemic because it was thought to protect people. Suppose that measure is later found to be unnecessary? Is the government retroactively chastised because new information identifies the old measure as an unnecessary breach of Charter rights? Similarly, suppose a measure is advised by medical personnel because it MIGHT be protective; must they prove its efficacy before the government can implement it? Is the threshold for proof so high that medically-advisable measures might not be taken and lives might be lost while gathering more data?

If the discriminatory law is that specific, how can something like Quebec’s Bill 21 pass? Especially if they are a part of the confederation.

Have there been any charter challenges to bill c-16 alleging government overreach on compelling certain types of speech?

Can you elaborate if a church in Edmonton can succeed by holding services violating the health rules?

How does the Charter of Rights and Freedom deal with the “greater good” of the people that it protects when that greater good infringes on individual freedoms?  Is there a tipping point that the government can impose restrictions, and site a national emergency as a legal reason to do so?

Can the govt withhold services and benefits to those who do not want the vaccine?

How would that situation work if to board a plane or go to a hockey game you would need a vaccination.  would that breach freedom or individual rights?

Medical experts are now saying that the vaccine does not prevent the subject from getting the virus, it merely helps to reduce the probable severity of the infection. With this becoming recognized fact, how is it that the government and employers can restrict those not vaccinated from engaging even with vulnerable persons?


These questions and more were addressed during the live session – you can watch it by clicking here


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