Monday – April 15, 2019 – Rick Wiebe in Lodwar sending reports of drought

Rick Wiebe and Warren Schnoor are volunteer project managers who are travelling in Kenya with Lawrence Mathea our Kenya project managers.  We have no idea when or how often we will get updated from them.  For now, Rick is sending the reports of drought from Lodwar, Kenya.  Rick and Lawrence are providing some small assistance to the community there.


This handicapped woman lives by herself in her hut.  She has a friend who checks on her once in a while.  I can’t believe her bravery in light of the drought and tough times.

Starvation in the Lodwar area is a very real and sobering thing

Truckload of food ready for delivery

The baby belongs to a family where we dropped food off to.  He was not in the least afraid of me.

Food Distribution