Monday, April 29, 2019 – Visits to three news schools of the 100 Classrooms Project

Our guest house provides no food unless ordered ahead of time. We are not allowed to go without a lot of paper work. Thanks to Candi for the homemade granola, rice cakes, and peanut butter. We bought small boxes of milk that do not need to be refrigerated along with bananas. If rationed, this can get us through to Friday.

We are waiting for security clearance from the Education department for the visit to the schools. The Director, his deputy (whom we know well and who has worked with us from the beginning), and a whole lot of dignitaries have decided to come along. The openings are very lowkey and little notice is given for security reasons. Attracting community crowds and potentially putting the children at risk is a concern. The children welcomed us with songs and poems.

The Director of Education and Azalea in the new library.


It is so rewarding to see all these girls eager to be in school. Because these schools have no fence, the children are not allowed to go out during recess.

Thanks to the support of many – the names are listed on the sign at the site.

Our next visit was much the same as the first. Look for your name on the signs at the school entrance. There was a welcome by students, short speeches, classroom visits, interaction with students, tea and snacks, and visiting the laboratory and libraries, before being pressured by security to leave. We will spend more time at other schools when the entourage is not with us and the community is watching out for any potential harm.

At this school, we presented our project manager Javid Noori with an award for completing the 100 Classrooms Project.

Our last school visit today was at Project J School where there are 1019 students.

Science Lab

We ended our day at Karim’s house for dinner. Karim started the 100 Classrooms Project and since then has started working for another organization.