Monday, December 25, 2017 – Trip Update #3 by Azalea

In my last update, I talked about some of the challenges we face and about the need for the hospital to have better surgical equipment and supplies in order to safely perform the essential surgeries. We are working to ensure that 80 children who have been waiting for a year will have access to surgeries that will hopefully assist them in being able to have improved mobility. I already introduced you to Dr. Victor Oteki and his colleague, Dr. Cheryuit, who are orthopedic surgeons who have agreed to come and assist us in our work.

Today, we brought an expert with us to the Kendu Adventist Hospital, Dr. James Mogire, a retired orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Mogire worked as an orthopedic surgeon in Nairobi, Kenya for 32 years and served as the head of the Kenyatta Hospital Dept. of Orthopedic Surgery. During that time, Dr. Mogire helped to set up four orthopedic surgery programs in the regional hospitals in Kenya. We are glad that Dr. Mogire has agreed to be a consultant to our surgery project.

Dr. Mogire walked through the operating rooms and assessed the equipment and supplies that the hospital has on hand. He will assist us in pricing out and purchasing some of the supplies in Nairobi. With his years of experience, he was also able to understand the Human Resources and system issues that the Surgical program is facing at Kendu Adventist Hospital.

Darill is employed by ABW as the Occupational Therapist who assists in providing therapy for the children post operatively, and works for the hospital and Nyaburi School for Children with Disabilities.

We met with George Opundo who is the CEO of the hospital. He previously worked in Afghanistan, and we know him from partnering with him there. George has a vision for the hospital and although he inherited a challenging situation, has been steadily making changes and improvements. Here we were enjoying lunch in one of the guesthouses on the hospital campus.

On site at the hospital campus is a school that trains medical officers, nurses, and physiotherapists. The school is called Kendu Adventist Hospital School of Medical Sciences. We saw the students at different wards in the hospital.

Another key member of the team is Bernard Opiyo, a Physical Therapist who has been working with ABW for 23 years. He directs the rehabilitation program in Kenya for ABW. Karen Leung is the Canadian Director.

We are grateful for the help of the local professionals including Dr. Mogire and the rest of the local team who are critical to the future success of the program. It is exciting to be part of a solution for children, to help enable them to engage with life more fully through the surgeries that will be provided. This is the best gift I would want to give at Christmas time.