Monday, February 19, 2018 – Visiting a new school project, Keringet (Eric’s Trip Blog)

Our day started with a meeting with Hon. Joseph Limo, MP for the area that we are working in. We discussed projects and the Kenyan Government’s involvement in development, and specifically our partnership. The election issues here have delayed a lot of work but the new cabinet has been sworn in, so things will start moving along soon.

I am now with Brian (ABW Co-founder) Keith (ABW Education Program Director) and Lawrence (Kenyan Project Manager).

We visited a new school project in the Kericho area. Keith is addressing a group of students at the Keringet Primary School.

Madam Beatrice Limo and Keith with the Principal assessing the school performance and planning for the future.

Brian and Lawrence with the deputy principal assessing the physical structure of the school.

Needs a lot of work.