q Monday, February 20, 2017 - Kendu Bay, where it all began - A Better World Canada

Monday, February 20, 2017 – Kendu Bay, where it all began

Today we drove to Kendu Bay to visit 2 project sites. The first was the Nyaburi Integrated School right next to the Kendu Adventist Hospital.

The head teacher and Bernard expressed the school’s¬†gratitude at having enough water to make it through this drought thanks to the project funded by George and Lorna Quaroni. The repaired water tanks are all full, and the school is very happy to have the water.

We went on a long walk to see the bridge that was built several years ago. Before the bridge, they were losing anywhere from 1-5 people per year from crossing the river. When the river was high, they had to walk 12 km around it to make it to school or to the hospital.

After that, we visited the hospital where 62 surgeries were completed through the Rehab Service last year.

We visited their laundry room to see what machines they are using. The machine on the left and the dryer in the centre have been there for 40 years and are not working. The machine on the right works with some difficulties. This is the only laundry room for the 170-bed hospital.

After that, we made the 3-hour trip back to our hotel in Kericho, with a small stop to see Lake Victoria. We met up with the Rehab Team in the evening.