Monday, February 23, 2015 – Visiting Anke Jenkins and Jipe Moyo school

It is amazing what Anke has achieved in less than three years. We are currently building 3 classrooms through a memorial fund for Sam Klukas. This will house grade 1 to 3.


The students are now meeting in this.


There are now 120 students in the school





The next project is a kitchen. Current kitchen:


Anke’s friend Lynda Phinney has raised $24,000 in a short while to build a new structure. She arrived today from Vancouver and her family will join her in two weeks.

Local community rep, Lynda (center) and Anke project manager.



Anke stays in Mombasa for long periods of time; she is fully dedicated to bringing education to these off the beaten path communities. This man donated the land for the school. He is so proud and happy to be able to see his community move forward.