Monday, July 14, 2014 – Without this school the children will have to walk 11 KM to the next school

We visited the Manda Maweni School in Lamu. Last year two generous donors from Cambridge, Ontario got a 2 classroom school started.  Children were meeting in an incomplete building.  This village of 800 people make a living by making building stones from quarries located along the channel of the Indian ocean.  Today, we went to do an evaluation of the school and to plan the next project.  It was clear to us that without more classrooms, the children would have to walk the 11KM to the next nearest school.

To get there we take a boat for 40 minutes and then walk 30 minutes.



Passing the village homes.


Keith spends time with the teachers and is very pleased with the head teacher. The Government has placed her and is paying her salary. One teacher volunteers and another is paid by the parents.


Samira teaches children how to play Frisbee.


Keith relays his findings to the school board and some government officials who have come with us.  They are willing to pay for two more teachers and we all see the need for two more classrooms.


Building 2 classrooms will cost $25,000. Everything has to be brought on these boats.


By the time we got back the tide was out and we had to walk a distance in the muck and on sharp sea shells to get to our boat.


Scenes like this make us think of the future of these children.  Parents here make about $25 a month selling these building stones.  They carve out the big quarry stones and then cut them into building blocks. They also have no clean water and it has to be brought in on boats. Aisha and Samira’s parents own a beautiful hotel on the Shela beach and have given them a great education in Mombasa.  The little boy from this village sleeping peacefully will also need an opportunity to go to school.


Keith and I have been here for 14 days now and have enjoyed working every single day.  Tomorrow I leave for Tanzania to explore work there and Keith will leave for Canada.  Keith has  done a workshop for 50 school administrators and provided one on one coaching at 10 schools.  He has also gathered valuable information about the schools that will help us deliver better services. You can look for my Tanzanian blogs starting tomorrow by clicking here.   Keith will post a final blog tomorrow. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement.