Monday, July 7, 2014 – Celebrating what is right with the world…

Today was a travel day for me and a school visit day for Keith. It was also a day to celebrate what is right.  This day could have been marked as a day of violence; instead, the news is peace. The opposition called for a rally in downtown Nairobi.  Many locals feared that there would be violence. We were asked to be cautious on our travel day.  We know someone every 50 KM along our routes so phone calls confirmed that it was completely safe.  We continued to venture and encountered no issues.

The rally in Nairobi ended peacefully.  Kenyans are tired of political rallies and violence.  Millions still have no access to clean water and thousands of students can’t move beyond grade 8. At lead today the masses recognized the need to live peacefully.

I had several meetings today in Narok regarding our medical programs for the Masai Mara.  I was also scoping out new areas in the Masai Mara for our next clinic.

Keith continued his one on one visit in the schools. He as in Ikonge and Ndanai. We are both in separate areas of Kenya.

A scene in the Mara: