Monday, July 8, 2013 – Incredible improvements in Ndanai. “Disabled children once a curse now a blessing…”

Our entire team was put to good use in Ndanai today.  I was so happy to see the amazing progress.  So many people are involved in this community that the changes are visible at every visit.

On arrival we prepared a meal for all the children and the teaching team set to work with the Kenyan teachers.

One of the lead donor for this project is Dale Russell and it was a great way to honor his Birthday in Ndanai.  Gord Bontje and Dale Russell have been supporting this community for 6 years along with many others who have joined as partners including Paul Kane school students and their teacher Ruby Solomon.

It was wonder full to see the school taking shape.


Sidewalks and pavement children can easily wheel themselves to classes


Clean Water collection system in every building


Flooding problem resolved – drainage system around buildings


Basketball court with adjustable posts for wheel chair games


Canadians teaching and doing workshops for teachers


Others cooked a meal and served the teachers and students


Janet was set up with her sewing machine to start making uniforms for the disabled children

She will live there for a few months.


There are three kiosks now in the community where people can come and buy water.

It was here that a community leader told me that disabled children were once considered a curse.  Now they are considered a blessing because ABW came to help the disabled children and now the whole community is benefiting from them.  40 children have helped a much larger community.


I have never been so happy in this community as I have been today.  Thanks to all of you who have been supporting this project.