Monday, June 19, 2017 – New Teacher Housing in the Mara and More

This morning, our group set off at 8:00 AM to visit four projects in the Masai Mara.

The first stop was Sekanani Primary School where brand new three plex teacher housing was recently completed. The staff housing was one of Gord Bontje’s 60th birthday gifts to A Better World. The complex was intended to house six teachers, but it is currently being used by 14. The teachers we talked to said they think it is still very spacious. Each unit is complete with a bathroom, kitchen, large living area, and two bedrooms. The units are lit with solar lighting. Future plans at Sekanani include the much needed replacement of three ECD classrooms and the construction of 8 toilets: four to replace the dilapidated girls latrines, and 4 to be used by staff. Sekanani Primary currently has 931 students matriculated.

Lawrence, the Kenya project manager inspects the staff housing and discusses it with Jonathan, the head teacher.

Eunice, is a teacher who has been employed at Sekanani for two years. She is enjoying her new living space and thanks the Bontjes.

The tree nursery program was a recent initiative taken by staff. One hundred trees were donated by the Israeli ambassador which were planted by the students.

ECD building to be replaced by Gord Bontje.

Our next stop was the Irbaan Primary School where a lot of progress has been made. We were pleased to see that the institution is very clean and well maintained. Our group took a tour of the boy’s dormitory which was completed last December. It was a gift from Joan and Jack Hilde.

Our next initiative at Irbaan is to build eight toilets. Additionally, because of the school’s success in music, a donor has come forward to fund musical instruments. The Kenyan government recently funded 50 tablets (computers) for grade one and two students. Irbaan Primary serves 511 children, 354 of which are boarding.

The boy’s dorm currently accommodates 111 students.

Irbaan Primary School has received many awards for academic and musical excellence.

Our next stop was Loigero Primary which was the first school built by A Better World in the Masai Mara. We met the newly appointed head teacher James who showed us the girls dormitory toilets under construction. These were donated by the Urban Spirit Rotary Club of Edmonton. Other plans at the school include improving water catchment by adding gutters. Also, the well requires  maintenance; the pump has seized and will need to be replaced in the near future.

Toilets under construction.

We have arranged for a contractor to repair the well.

Our last stop was the community health centre in Talek. This is the first medical clinic built by A Better World. We were pleased to see that the clinic is still operated well and kept very clean. Our group was there to finalize plans for construction of an x-ray building which will begin in the next few weeks. Peter and Kathy Lacey who originally funded the clinic are also funding the X-ray building. It is nice to know that the medical officers serving the people of Talek will have access to another important diagnostic tool.

The Talek Clinic has access to a very well equipped lab.

On the way to our hotel in the Masai Mara Game Reserve, Lawrence took us on an impromptu game drive. We were quite lucky to see a Leopard who was napping in a tree.