Monday, March 2, 2015 – In Irania visiting distribution sites for IDP aid

We left early this morning to Irania, a town closer to the Iranian border.  It was a beautiful day and the scenery was like driving through Canmore. It was a 3 hour drive.


The team that travelled with us


Azalea was working out the logistics for distribution of the aid for IDPs. She met with the local government officials and then we went looking for storage and distribution facilities. The aid packages will benefit about 1,300 families who don’t live in the camps. They are with host families or in low rental facilities. Hassan on the right is the Community Health Care Director and was arranging the logistics.  He is also asking for a medical team to come and help. Next to Azalea is our driver and logistics manager Quase.


Lunch at a roadside restaurant. At the end of the table is Pastor and Mrs. George. He is the President of the Adventist Church for Iraq. There are 30 members in the whole country of 30 million people.


We were back early enough to see a health centre that is providing blood transfusion but over stressed by an extra 250 children each day from the IDP camps. 


This is the street where ADRA Erbil and Azalea’s house is located. She can walk to the office in 5 minutes. One of the ADRA workers lives on this street across from her. It is past midnight and I walked from the ADRA office to my hotel which is about 10 minutes.


We are not going to Baghdad or Mosul. Mosul has been taken over by ISIS and they were advancing a bit closer to where we are at in Erbil. They were stopped by the Kurdish Army along with the Canadian and American forces.


All in all, things are going well for Azalea so far. She has a good team in place.