Monday, March 21, 2013 – Award Winning School for the Mentally handicapped children in Lamu

While I was perspiring on the  island of Lamu at 40C, the visit to the Lamu School was inspiring. I look forward each year to see the progress these children are making. In spite of many challenges there is progress.

 Last year the students and the school won several medals in various categories.  As a result of this pubic recognition, the Kenya Disabled Persons Association came and built a nice two room building. One room will house a computer lab and the other will house a rehab centre for various disabilities.


The new two room building by the government.  They appreciate the support ABW has given and they in turn match our donations with a project like this.  Yes, Cindy Wright dragged me out here a long time ago to see it and that did it.


Sustaining the infrastructure project at the school is Gord and Kathy Bontje with Rick Wiebe as project manager





The school Is now becoming a centre for all disabilities with the community donating more land for expansion.

The children in the facility

Mental – 84

Physical  – 12

Autism – 12

Blind/low vision – 8

Deaf – 6

Once additional staff is placed children with cerebral palsy will be admitted.


While I was here Mr. Bute,  the head teacher was very much in distress.

There has been no water at the school for 3 weeks.  Because of the drought the water source the govt. uses has dried up and water stopped flowing. 

The school was buying water from about 25 miles way in donkey carts.  The entire village seems to be experiencing severe diarrhea.  Five children are in hospital.  Today one of then died.

The solution to bringing clean water here seems to be a problem.  The water tables are too salty for drilling.  A Dutch group is looking into a  solution and we will know within a few weeks.  The rain catchment system could be a solution that is being explored.

Thanks everyone for your support of this school.