Monday, March 28, 2016 – More disabled work in Ribavu

Today we continued scoping out more of the projects for the disabled.  Azalea arrived to look at the medical side of things for students.


This is a well-run organization that cares for children of all disabilities.  We visited a home for the severely mentally and physically handicapped children. Both Mental and physical disabilities on the same child is a very discouraging to witness.


Blind girl is able to use a knitting machine


Preparing students to integrate with a regular school


The border crossing into the Democratic Republic of Congo  (DRC) was a fascinating experience.  About 38,000 people move freely across Rwanda and DRC each day selling all kinds of goods.  The Manager of the border is a friend of our guide and is a member of the Adventist church and knew the work we were doing.  He gave us a great insight into the crossing.


Exploring medical and dental clinics opportunities


Rwanda is a beautiful country – especially the Lake Kivu Region has a lot to offer.

We took a boat ride to see some very hot water bubbling on the shores of the lake and then to scope out a place for lunch with the next group. Paradise Island is a potential place for a catered lunch.


The view from our dining area