Monday, May 13, 2013 – Arriving in the Mara

Last night the Exotic House hotel entertained us with some local talent as it was our last night. I don’t have words to express it…


Luann and Mel put on a great talent show that could not have been topped off – Sam McGee


Then Lawrence, our driver,  showed his African dancing talent


Who can drink a bottle of pop and eat 4 slices of bread in the fastest time

John lost out


We have had a long day of driving to the Mara.  A surprise stop for lunch


And a  surprise greeting from a lioness near our parking lot at the Fig Tree Camp where we will stay for 3 nights


We had some guest speakers to introduce us to the local customs and culture

Jacob founder of Loigero School was one of them.  He joined us for dinner and shared more about the Masai culture