Monday May 13th: In the gardens of Kenya weeding with my thoughts

On a blustery day in Male our goal was to fly Gordy’s plane and do some aerial mapping. Unfortunately we seemed to have found the windiest day yet, so our mapping had to be postponed. Instead we visited the secondary school and further assessed the gardens, while Ken spent the morning teaching the primary school kids courses on animal classification, adaptations, livestock parasites & feed as well as livestock grazing practices. The rest of the team looked at the drip irrigation system along with the water tower tank. Interviews with the secondary school gardener John and the agriculture teacher Stephen led to further insights into ways of improving on and maintaining certain horticultural practices.

I spent the morning weeding a section of the garden and found myself lost in my thoughts (weeding tends to do that for me). We have been invited here to help teach and improve practices of horticulture so to help further their gardens as their primary source of nutrition, and yet I see so many wonderful practices ingrained in the Kenyan culture that we as North Americans negate. Growing our own local food, harvesting that food for ourselves and neighbours, working with our friends and colleagues to create a sustainable system of community and well being are all concepts that have been penetrating my thoughts here in Africa. So many local customs and traditions we as North Americans should cherish and learn from, customs the Kenyan people practice without thought…..

Fritz Latimer RN BScN
Coordinator Student Health Services
Olds College
Alberta, Canada