Monday, November 17, 2014 – Travel day to the Fig Tree camp

Today we packed up from the Sopa area of the Mara and left for the Talek area of the Mara.  We took the entire day to get here.

Saying goodbye to Sopa Lodge – Barbara speaks on behalf of the group:


Vicki Hutton too scared to come out and bargain:


Featuring Van #3  Melissa Cable, Nurse; Peter, Driver/guide; Dr. Len Wade, Barbara Wade, Cathy Dowling:


We walked along the river with guards and saw a lion sitting beside a hippo that was killed:


A great bush lunch was enjoyed by all:



We made it to the Fig Tree camp before dark:


Melissa Cable transfers patient records to Juma our local clinical officer:


Featuring Van #4 Glen Hutton, Chris Meyers, Bob and Val Audette, Vicki Hutton and Martin, Driver/guide: