Monday, October 17, 2016 – Tulwap School opening and project visits

Our day started with visits to some projects under construction. This clinic is moving along well in the Kericho area:

trip oct 2016

This clinic looks finished on the outside but not on the inside. It has been locked up for a year. It was built by another organization with a big road side sign that there is a clinic. Today, we got the local MP to get a key and open it to see what it looks like.

trip oct 2016 clinic

Inside view:

trip oct 2016 clinic

Then the celebration began. Tulwap Secondary School opening with Joseph Limo, MP:

trip oct 2016 tulwap opening

Kathy Hager opens a classroom:

trip oct 2016 kathy hager tulwap opening

What’s a celebration without dancing?

trip oct 2016

Lacombe County Commissioner Terry Hager and Joseph Limo, MP celebrate. A Better World Partnership and Terry gave an outstanding speech on education.

trip oct 2016 limo terry hager

We visited the bank that we helped to set up for local women to do banking and borrow money at low interest to start or expand their business. Terry, Lawrence, and I opened a savings account for ourselves. They can loan out our money.

trip oct 2016 bank

This man was able to get a loan for a car to transport his goods to the market:

trip oct 2016 loan car

Our three night stay in Kericho is now over and we will head to the Mara tomorrow.