Monday, October 27, 2014 – Progress through Table Banking – helping people help themselves

Today we began visiting our table banking project where we have invested in helping rural villages develop their own businesses.  It was an exciting day.

It is great to have retired farmers like Dennis  and Linda Hueppelsheuser.  They offer some practical advice.


For a just a loan of just 500KSH  ( $6 CDN) she was so proud to show us the cabbages that she had grown to sell. As she approached us, she said, “ I am a farmer”

It is truly a humbling when someone like this comes and thanks you for the $6 loan.


We went on to see a beekeeping and poultry project


Inspecting the passbook of each of the persons who receives a loan



Sharon was more interested in talking to the baby


Due to a virus infection the corn production this year is going to come to end.  Rob Saik, President of Agri-Trends is trying to figure out why this problem was not being addressed by small farmers.  It can affect the country very badly.


Peter indicated that the results of his investment in Table Banking has far exceeded his expectations.

He thanked the local groups for their initiatives.


Rick was doing an incredible training session for school board members on leadership.  It was well received.

Today 45 people attended and tomorrow 65 people will be present. These are members from the schools we have built.


We also stopped in at the Sogobet school for a visit


The teachers from our group visited Kipkremwo school and had an exciting time. They were sharing their experiences of the day at our evening meeting. These meetings are inspiring and flowing with ideas.  Around our table are successful business people who manage or have started multi-million dollar corporations. Each night they share their vision for making this world better.


Message from Kathy Lacey

Hello All,

Here are a couple of pictures from the table banking ladies who are changing the face of poverty in this nation. There are 25 ladies to a group and through borrowing from their collective deposits and a loan from Sherry Daniluk, Gary Harris and Peter and I through A Better World they were able to build this passion fruit seedling greenhouse. Passion fruits grow to market ready in 9 mos. and Coca Cola will build a processing plant in the area if they can get more growers. Profits are fantastic for the growers!

Great news and so much more to share with you all when we get home.