Monday, October 3, 2016 – Women open up gas station and Safaricom Foundation helps disabled

What an exciting day today to see people moving forward in amazing ways. Even though travel in Africa is challenging with roads, we are keeping up to six hours of driving a day and making project visits.

We started the day with a visit to Kendu Bay where we began our first project 26 years ago. It is still operating. 150 children have been assessed and 60 will receive surgery when surgeons from Finland arrive next week.

It was so exciting to see the Safaricom Foundation (the leading cellular network) take on one of our projects: repairing the sidewalks for wheelchair accessibility for the disabled children here:

kendu bay trip oct 2016

Safaricom foreman with head teacher of Nyaburi School:

kendu bay trip oct 2016

We are working on completing a 110,000 litre water storage system:

kendu bay trip oct 2016

Another rewarding project is our lending program to create jobs. A 10-member women’s group called “10 Stars” has opened a gas station. How cool is that? Start-up costs are $10,000.

kendu bay trip oct 2016 10 stars

An A Better World van gets filled up by Beatrice Limo, wife of area MP Joseph Limo and founder of the women’s group.

kendu bay trip oct 2016 limo 10 stars