q Monday - Thursday, October 23 - 26, 2017: Travel in Rwanda - A Better World Canada

Monday – Thursday, October 23 – 26, 2017: Travel in Rwanda

It took us a full day from the Mara to arrive in Kigali. The next day, the focus was on the Genocide Museum and understanding Rwandan culture and challenges the people have faced.

Then we drove to Muzanse to begin the Gorilla Trek.

The Gorilla Trek was enjoyed by all except 3 of us who didn’t go but have done it before.

Claire and group stopping to rest and greet local farmers as they made their way through the jungle.

Then close encounters with a family of 19 gorillas.

Storytime with mom.

Today we went to see our project at the centre for persons with disabilities.

This is also one of Gord Bontje’s Birthday projects–the construction of a physio treatment centre along with partner donors Sunshine Hills School and Scott Sankey. Construction is underway. Gord has also paid for several expensive surgeries for children at the centre.

In the afternoon, we made a visit to the DRC border. It is fascinating to see 45,000 people cross this border daily with their goods in both directions. The border director took us around.

A special lunch at a private island on Lake Kivu was organized to say thanks to donors and celebrate Gord’s 60th in Rwanda.

A boat delivered our meals to Paradise Island.

Out of the lake comes hot water springs where the local people have created a small hot-water pond with a mud massage for your feet and soul. $2 per person.

Returning to the hotel for some meetings.