Rosedale Valley String Orchestra & Red Deer Youth and Community Orchestra
Helping children with intellectual disabilities with music

Giving the gift of music to children with intellectual disabilities at the Lamu School is a dream of two Central Alberta Youth Orchestras.
Rosedale Valley Strings and Red Deer Youth and Community Orchestra, under the direction of Naomi Delafield and Heather Ensley, have raised nearly $150,000 in the past 15 years to help children at home and abroad.

This year, their project was to help the Lamu School with some musical instruments. Even though the concert was cancelled due to COVID-19, members of the orchestra have come forward to give these students the opportunity of experiencing the joy of music. For many of these children, music is the best way to communicate and experience the world. In the next several days members of the Orchestra maybe contacting you with their own messages and appeals.  We urge you to encourage them with your support.

The first video features Red Deer Symphony Orchestra’s Concert Master and Director of the Rosedale Valley String Orchestra, Naomi Delafield and daughter Anya playing to raise funds and to say thank you for your generosity.

The second video shows children in Central Alberta making music to help children in Africa. In January, Gord Bontje and I visited this school in Lamu, Kenya.