October 22, 2015 – Update from Ray

The team has arrived safe and sound. Unfortunately, Juma was held up at the border for 2 days but his shear determination and commitment got him through. Yesterday we visited all of the clinic sites and were impressed with Jakcob and his preparation. Poverty is a huge problem. People have no money to get medical care so our clinics will be very popular. The most common diseases are the diseases of poverty like malaria, pneumonia, diarrhea, parasites, burns, and malnutrition. We met a young dentist in Soni who can’t work because he doesn’t have a chair and instruments so if you can find a donor we can set him up in the hospital for about $8,000 US. Right now he is working as a clinical officer at the hospital while people have to travel long distances to get dental care. People have no money for the bus fare so they suffer. We will send some pictures when we get a chance.