Paramount Cares: New Project Announcement with ABW

Paramount Cares is thrilled to announce a new project to build a school in Kenya. This is Paramount Cares initial venture to provide worldwide educational opportunities and resources for underprivileged children. This will be “A building with four walls and tomorrow inside”.

Paramount Cares new project is in partnership with “A Better World Canada” (ABW), a charitable organization that is involved in creating worldwide sustainability in Health care, Education, Safe water, Agricultural and Income generating resources. ABW is an Alberta based organization, which is involved in 16 different countries since 1990. In this project Paramount Cares will have hands-on relationship with ABW – that is to say we can follow up by connecting with local communities there and expect them to invest in labour and volunteerism. Make them believe that we are building their own community.

At completion of the project we will have opportunity to participate in the grand opening and chance to explore world famous African safari and other areas. Trip will be organize by ABW in a group.

At the end, no humanitarian project can complete without volunteers and fundraising. So please support this new project, as a Paramount family and become a part of “Touching Lives Forever”. Fundraising will start soon. Any fundraising ideas are most welcome.

We will update you further.


Vibha Maradiya

Paramount Parts Inc.