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Classrooms: 10
Students: 1,008
Teachers: 23
Invested: $130,000


About the project

Project J Secondary School is located in the Sheberghan district in Juwzjan, Afghanistan. Classes are currently held in a rented private house as well as under tents, but more space is required. The local communities have been very involved in the project from the start. The school will be upgraded from Secondary to High School as soon as the new structure is complete. Parents will mobilize the community to support annual small maintenance projects (such as painting, wiring, door/window fittings, and more). The community will also plant 100 trees to improve the compound in the first year and 50 trees in the second year. There are currently 500 enrolled male students and 508 enrolled female students. These students range from grade 1 to 9; soon, education for grade 10 to 12 will also be available.

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Project J Phase 1 by Circle of Peace

To build a new 10-classroom school as a part of the 100 Classrooms Project

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