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Wells Drilled: 14
People Impacted: 85,000
Invested: $955,000

Water Program

Kaplomboi community water projectKaplomboi Water Project, Kenya



More about the program

The Clean Water Program is committed to bringing clean water to communities across Central Western Kenya, Bolivia, Sudan, South Sudan, and Afghanistan through the drilling and equipping of water wells. In Kenya, as in much of Africa and other continents, the lack of safe drinking water causes many severe problems including dehydration, starvation, and disease. The daily chore of fetching water is no small task in rural Kenya, and people often walk as far as ten miles to collect what water they can carry from polluted streams, rivers, or dirty hand-dug wells full of parasites and bacteria. These primitive wells are also structurally dangerous.

Community Partnerships
A Better World is focused on developing long term partnerships with local community leaders and community-based organizations who are committed to long-term sustainable development of their communities. Local community members invest in projects through provision of skilled and unskilled labor, local fundraising, and securing government support/funding in order to ensure that the community is directly invested in all project activities.

Clean Water Program Development Information

  • 5 pump equipped boreholes to be drilled every year.
  • Positively impact the lives of over 100,000 people.
  • ABW is able to drill wells at 50% of the regular price due to a valuable relationship with a local business.
  • Focus on communities where successful A Better World investments have been made in the past.
  • Develop sustainability through charging small fees for water usage to be used for investing in new projects and maintaining the water systems.
  • Average well cost of $10,000 – total program investment of $955,000.

Water Projects

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Current Phase

Water Program 2019

$175,000 goal

$20,000 raised

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Phase Objective

To build 10 water catchment systems, 5 shallow wells, and 2 deep wells

Project Leader:  Stu MacPhail

Current Phase Info

Completed Phases

Kaplomboi Community Water Project

To drill one well with a distribution system

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Kericho Community Water Projects

To provide clean water access for 3 communities

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Water Program 2016/17

200 children every hour are hospitalized due to lack of clean water. The numbers are staggering: 1 billion people in the planet do not have access to clean water.  You have the opportunity to change that. By joining our clean water program, you can journey with us towards our goal of reducin…

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Water Program Phase 5

Our goal this year is to drill 5 water wells to provide clean water for 20,000 people.  This phase will involve drilling deep water wells, electric or solar pumping systems, water tanks and piping.

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Water Program – Phases 1 to 4

Drilling water wells around Kenya

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