Completed : 100 Classrooms Project: Maulana Aznab High School – Classrooms, Library, and Lab

About the Project

This high school was established by the community 28 years ago. Both boys and girls attend here; however, due to the lack of infrastructure, and the far distance that many students must walk to get to school, only grades 1-3 are taught for the girls. There are 13 “classrooms” for the girls, with 30 girls studying in each classroom in three shifts per day. In total 3,200 students study here.


Quick Facts

Cost: $57,175 Location: Jowzjan, Afghanistan Completed Date: – Project Manager: Azalea Lehndorff

Major Donors

College Heights Christian School, Lakeview Christian School, All Sports Cresting, CUC Girls’ Soccer Team and Gary Gant, Cliff Holm, Jon and Janet Velasco, and Allard Foundations

Partner Donors

Freedom Run Participants