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About the Program

Sometimes we dislike going to the dentist – but for many people in the developing world, who do not have access to regular dental care, a visit to the dentist is both exciting and vitally important. Poor dental health can be a contributory factor to gum disease and systemic problems such as diabetes, heart disease and improper fetal development.

Every year, A Better World attempts to send out a team, composed of dental professionals such as dentists, hygienists, assistants, students and support staff, which operates portable clinics in rural locations. Most often the clinics are at sites where A Better World has had previous projects. They provide immediate and urgent dental care for patients, as well as oral hygiene training. Emphasis is also placed on providing support and mentor-ship for local dental health professionals in the areas that they work.

The dental team is led by Dr. Kelvin Hill of Sylvan Lake Dental Centre.


The Dental team is led by Dr. Kelvin Hill of Sylvan Lake Dental Centre (left)
A Kenyan dentist working with A Better World team members
A dental clinic set up in a school
Children who benefited from A Better World’s dental program

Quick Facts

Cost: $15,000
Expected start date: Ongoing
Project Manager: Dr. Kelvin Hill

Major Donors

Dr. Kelvin and Marica Hill

Partner Donors

Many generous A Better World donors

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