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In 2012, an assessment team travelled to Bolivia to visit an organization called AMe Bolivia. AMe’s founder, Gheorghe Micoti, who is originally from Romania, has been volunteering in Bolivia for over 10 years now. They are working to fundraise locally and internationally to pay for the surgeries and provide the after care and rehabilitation required. AMe’s purpose is to provide medical treatment, rehabilitation and physiotherapy to marginalized individuals who are unable to afford proper health care.

Although A Better World no longer provides direct funding to this project, we still endorse it and recognize its value and impact. If you wish to continue supporting this project, please contact miseJe, a Canadian charity that provides funding to and monitors the work of AMe. MiseJe has previously provided ABW with monitoring reports and will continue to keep ABW apprised of the status of AMe.

AMe Bolivia – 2021 Report

AMe Bolivia is located in the department of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. It assists citizens
from different parts of the country through the help of volunteers who are motivated by the desire to serve others.

AMe runs two shelters, Shelter #1 for patients with physical disabilities and Shelter #2 for patients with mental disabilities.

Shelter #1 ended 2021 serving 42 patients ranging from 17 – 79 years old. Shelter #1 is in a rural area and has 5 full-time volunteers that care for the patients.

In 2021, the patients enjoyed celebrating many festive holidays and having regular campfires. The female patients were able to visit an animal shelter, and everyone enjoyed an instrumental concert at the shelter presented by a professional duo. Living in this rural location gives the patients plenty of opportunity to be outside and enjoy nature, and equine therapy.

At Shelter #1, 15 patients use diapers, 5 need help with eating, and 34 need permanent drug treatment.

Shelter #2, located in the city of Santa Cruz, culminated 2021 with 27 patients ranging from 10 – 40 years old. This shelter has 2 full-time volunteers, as well as a social worker, a therapist, a registered nurse, and a dentist, who volunteer on a part-time basis.

In 2021 the patients enjoyed group activities such as visits to the swimming pool and outings to the park.

At Shelter #2, 5 patients use diapers, 2 need help with eating, and 25 need psychiatric drug treatment.

AMe Bolivia is grateful for the donors who have generously supported them over the years.

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Patients and volunteers from Shelter #1

A patient from Shelter #2 receiving dental care

Patients from Shelter #2

Equine therapy

Equine therapy

Equine therapy



Many families have received necessary surgeries and rehabilitation services

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