Completed : CHEKELEI SECONDARY SCHOOL – 16 NEW TOILETS – Secondary School

About the Project

Chekelei Secondary has 375 students but only 8 toilets, none of which function correctly. The staff toilets are basically unusable and teachers often go into the community and ask permission to use the bathrooms in private homes. Completed toilets would be equipped with running water, hand-washing stations, and septic tanks. There is a need for five boys’ toilets, nine girls’ toilets, and two teachers’ toilets, each in separate bathroom blocks.


New Toilet blocks for students and teachers

the previous toilets at Chekelei Secondary

Head Teacher, Frida, in front of the staff bathrooms

Quick Facts

Cost: $15,000
Location: Chekelei, Tanzania
Start Date: November 1, 2018
Finish Date: March 31, 2019
Project Manager: Rama Kaoneka

Major Donors

Angus and Heather Watt

Partner Donors