About the School

Chekelei Primary school was founded in 1974 in the Korogwe District. There are 496 in the Primary school – 264 Boys and 232 Girls.  There are 10 Teachers – 9 female and 1 male. The head teacher is Josephine Mhina.  This school serves a population of approx. 1500 people.  The school currently has 7 Primary classrooms which are severely overcrowded and 0 ECD classrooms. The additional 8 classrooms will greatly benefit the students and alleviate overcrowding. One room will be used by 10 teachers to help prepare lesson plans and grade papers.

Chekelei Secondary School has 375 students in Grades eight to twelve, 222 girls and 153 boys. The Head Teacher Frida works with nine other women and 21 men to teach the students.


A student studying diligently at Chekelei Secondary
Some of the staff members at Chekelei Secondary
A classroom at Chekelei Secondary

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