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About the Project

Copper Lane Hair Studios has partnered with Central Alberta businesses to benefit the Girls Need You project.

With March being host to International Women’s day, they want to shed some light on the basic needs that girls and women in Kenya are living without.  This project will supply these women with reusable feminine hygiene kits.

The Cause: Providing reusable feminine hygiene kits in Kenya.

The Cost: Each kit costs $10 and includes 2 pairs of underwear. 2 shields (these hold the liners in the underwear), 8 washable liners (“the pads”), soap, washcloth, instructions, and a cloth bag that holds it all.

The Reason: Many girls are forced to miss school on the days of their menstrual cycle because they simply do not have access to the basic needs required to handle their periods. Together, we can change that!

The Effect: By supplying these kits, we will encourage, empower and show support, giving these girls hope and dignity from across the world. Imagine for a minute how you would feel putting your life, schooling, and work on hold for one week each month. Bonus: In addition to supplying kits, we are also supporting a local female sewing co-operative in Kenya, giving these women employment and fair wages, which helps them provide for their family and community.

The History: In November 2020, Copper Lane’s fundraiser was to provide Koige school with 150 kits. The outcome of our ONE business, together with the support of our generous clients, we raised enough money to provide 250 kits! That means that every girl from Koige School received their own kit! We were so happy!

The Goal: Since this is our, as they say, “first rodeo” collaborating with other fellow businesses, we want to be ambitious and realistic. We would like to supply 250 kits each to 4 more schools. That means 1000 kits for 1000 girls, and a $10,000 goal. It may sound like a lot, but I am confident that with your help and reach, we will accomplish It!

Thanks for your time and consideration of bringing this very special cause to the public.



500 kits were delivered to Naikarra Primary School in June 2021. Jacinta, a local community health nurse, gave the girls a short talk on the importance of feminine hygiene as well as how to care for and maintain the kits.

Girls receiving kits at Nyaburi School
Girls receiving kits at Nyaburi School

Quick Facts

Cost: $10,000
Raised to date: $8,300
Start date: January 1, 2021
Location:  Kenya
Project Manager: Lane Tomalty

Major Donors

Lane Tomalty
Copper Lane Hair Studio

Partner Donors

Fraser Valley Adventist Academy